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Every Star Player has a coach. Let me be yours.

Not just the top athletes, but many successful professionals, in addition to their work ethic and natural talent, have a coach

Most of what we do is reactive. We run into problems or situations, go read something and try to solve the problem, losing valuable time in the process. Experience is a hard teacher, it gives you the exam first, and the lesson afterwards. A coach can help you plan ahead and prepare you for your challenges in advance. 

A career coach is your partner that is vested in your success. Since your coach is not your manager, your success is the only desired outcome.

If the only thing holding you back is the financial investment, invest 30 minutes in yourself and schedule a no-strings attached, free consultation to learn more. 

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Tech Executive in Silicon Valley & Career Coach

I immigrated to America with one semester's worth of tuition in my pocket. I had no connections in the country, no premier college education, and no clear path forward. With a strong work ethic and a sense of purpose, I managed to pay my own way through college and pave my way to success. 

My name is Karthik Lakshminarayanan, and after 20+ years working at several Fortune 500 companies, I've gained invaluable experience coaching and guiding others to also reach their full potential. I am currently an exec at Google, and previously worked at VMware and Microsoft.

I've read the books and heard the podcasts, but my greatest asset as your career coach is that I've done the work. Various unofficial coaches stepped in and helped me out. I want to pay it forward, helping others like you become very successful.

Whatever your career aspirations, I will help you get there.

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Coaching That Makes a Difference!

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Are you feeling stuck? I can help you build a stronger relationship with your manager or peers, negotiate a raise, write effective performance reviews, navigate office dynamics and more!

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You maybe thinking - do I really need a coach? We all do! We spend more time working than anything else. Your career is too important to navigate alone.

Invest in yourself now by scheduling a no-strings attached, complimentary 30 minute session.

We will go over your needs and answer questions. Get in touch!

All sessions are online.

Thanks for submitting!

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